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Using the Language and Behaviour Profile, as created by Rodger Bailey and refined by Shelle Rose Charvet, you could recognize a few motivational triggers that you need to get and stay excited about something.

Following are just a few short notes to create awareness of the traits that can be identified in a short interview.


Proactive vs Reactive:

(Does the person take initiative or wait for others?)

Proactive people jump into situations without thinking or analyzing.

Reactive people want to fully understand and assess the situation, before they will act.



Towards To vs Away From:

(Is a person’s motivational energy centered on goals OR problems to be solved / avoided?)

People with a Towards To pattern are energized by their goals and often have trouble recognizing what should be avoided.

People who have an Away From pattern notice what should be avoided and is motivated when there is a problem to be solved or a deadline to be met.



External vs Internal:

(Does the person stay motivated by judgments from external sources or by using their own internal standards?)

People with a strong Internal pattern decide for themselves and have difficulty accepting other people’s opinions and outside direction.

External people are motivated when someone else decides. In the absence of regular feedback, they will become de-motivated.




Options vs Procedures:

(Does the person continually look for alternatives or prefer to follow established procedures?)

People with an Options pattern are motivated by creating procedures and systems but have difficulty following them.

People with a Procedures pattern like to follow a procedure over and over again. They are interested in how to do things, not in why things are the way they are.


Now that you know what motivates you, think about the people around you and how unique they are.  We tend to like people who appear to be like us and go into conflict with others who are different to us. 

With the above knowledge, I trust that you will realize that the person who is the most flexible, stays in control of the communication.