Candidate Blog


I have had the privilege of being introduced to the Doxa Deo North Campus in Pretoria, in December 2012.  What a magnificent group of people, with the common goal of growing spiritually while inspiring change in the City around them.

It is such a blessing to have become part of this caring, generous community.   With the courses available and their support, I have experienced tremendous mental and spiritual growth in a short period of time.  One of the topics of the “City Changers Program” is Mentorship and it has reminded me of the mentors in my life:

  1. My husband who insisted that I list him as no1. He stays calm when the wheels are coming off and has taught me that every problem has a solution.
  2. My deceased uncle Thys, who taught me to see the world through the eyes of others.
  3. Prof Rossouw, a lecturer at P E Technicon who believed in my abilities and taught me the value of showing others that you believe in them.
  4. Kathy Fletcher, an employer who pushed me beyond the limitations of my own boundaries.  I learned from her example to never expect others to do what you yourself will not do.
  5. Frans, another employer who truly cared about the well-being of his employees.
  6. George Nel, my LAB Profiling coach (Language and Behavioral Profiling) and NLP coach
  7. Armand Kruger, my NLP coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  8. Willem Fourie, my Life coach
  9. Hannes Prins, a co-worker and friend who is always pushing me to think outside of the box.
  10. People I read about:
    1. Richard Branson from the Virgin Brand – an amazing person who cares about people and the environment. I use his management style as my inspiration.
    2. Taddy Blecher, founder of CIDA, a free university in Johannesburg – a highly intelligent individual, with great potential, who put his promising career on hold to create the opportunity for the less fortunate to attend university (and the concept of paying it forward)
    3. Arnoldt Mol – inspiring change in Management styles and spiritual leader
    4. John C Maxwell – his constant challenge to stretch you to reach your God-given potential
    5. Stormie OMartian – Spiritual Leader


Herewith a few pointers on choosing a mentor with care:

  1. Observe how he/she treats other people (employees, family, street vendors, beggars).
  2. Choose someone who considers him/herself as a “student of life” and who admits to making mistakes.
  3. Choose someone who is less focused on financial/educational status and more focused on spiritual status.
  4. Choose someone who will allow you to find your own truths.
  5. Choose someone who is honest and who you can respect.


Someone once said:  “Where ever you are, there you are!”  So be aware that with or without your knowledge, you are becoming a mentor to others.

What message are you sending out into the universe?