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How do you react to change, and what frequency of change do you need to stay motivated?

Using Rodger Bailey’s Language and Behaviour Profiling again, the following patterns can be established:



Sameness with Exception /

Difference /

Sameness with Exception & Difference:


People with a Sameness pattern do not like change and may refuse to adapt.  They may accept a major change once every ten years, but they will provoke change only once every fifteen to twenty-five years.

Sameness with Exception people like a given Context to stay mainly the same, but will accept change once a year if the change is not too drastic. They prefer their situations to evolve slowly over time. They need major change once every five to seven years.

People with a Difference pattern love change; they thrive on it and want it to be constant and major. They need drastic change about every one to two years. They like change to be revolutionary / dramatically different.

People with the double pattern of Sameness with Exception & Difference are happy with both revolution and evolution. They need change every three to four years.

Since people may have different patterns from Context to Context, it is important not to make generalizations about someone. A person could make frequent changes in his work, but always want to go to the same restaurant to order the same thing.


Now that you are aware of these traits, do you understand the impact of these on relationships and how it is often the cause of conflict between people?