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Fact:  Unemployment rate in SA is extremely high

Fact:  Masses of people will be applying for the same jobs as you

Fact:  Only a FEW will be INVITED to the INTERVIEW


On our website we give loads of advice on how to stand out from the crowd and get invited to the interview.



  • Be prepared to get the call
  • Don’t mmm and aaah when you get the call – it could be seen as disinterest
  • Make yourself available – this might be your only chance!
  • The only acceptable reasons for not agreeing to the suggested time is:
    • Death in the family
    • Another interview lined up
    • You are out of town
  • Turn up for the interview!  If not, DO NOT send message or e-mail, CALL


Recent scenario:  Client is urgently looking to employ.  Out of hundreds of applications, I shortlisted 7 ladies who are the best fit to my client’s requirements.  Three ladies agreed to meet the next day, the others never responded to my request.  Out of the 3, 1 e-mailed to postpone and the other one did not pitch for the interview.  (she could prove that she sent a message, but I never received it –  telephonic contact would have been more acceptable)

The lady that turned up for the interview, meets ALL the client’s criteria and because my client is in a hurry, she will most probably be offered the position.

Those that could not fit in with my schedule, but might also be a perfect match, probably will find themselves LEFT IN THE COLD!


The lesson:  Speed = Success


By Christa Fourie (Founder of Keesta)