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The English (UK) Thesaurus that I use in MS Word, places the word “realizing” in two categories:

  • Understanding
  • Fulfilling

In the “Finding your dream” phase, you focused on the “what”.  Now it is time to focus on the “how” and in doing so, please remember that:

  • the Dreamer finds a passion
  • the Realist makes it happen

As previously mentioned, it took me years to formulate my dream and to start the process of realizing it.  The awesome moment was when I grasped that the realization of a dream is an on-going process (journey) and that it does not mean that “I have arrived” (destination).  For me, this knowledge alleviated loads of stress and fear for the unknown.

As I certainly would not qualify myself as the expert, I can only share with you what worked for me in finding my “how”.

  • Praying for insight and guidance

Psalm 16: 7 “I will praise the Lord, who counsels me;
even at night my heart instructs me.”

This Bible verse has particular meaning for me as I would often wake up in the early morning hours and have informal conversations with God, only to find those elusive solutions to my problems.


  • Seek opportunities to grow mentally and spiritually by:
  1. Reading, Reading and some more Reading

ž The internet is an amazing source of information

ž Books are available at no cost at your library

ž Use your E-bucks to buy books from

  1. Finding Mentors

III. Joining and/or creating groups with a similar dream

  1. Attending inspirational seminars
  2. Finding a Life Coach with similar views of life
  3. Seeking any training opportunities, formal or informal


Have you started realizing your dream yet?

Make a date with yourself on a daily or weekly basis to actively work on realizing your dream.  The joy that you will experience through realizing your dream will motivate you to keep going at it.