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LAB Profiling questions:  There is no right or wrong answer.  Please use your own words as they indicate how your brain processes information.

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1(a) What do you want in your work? *
1(b) Why is 1(a) important to you? *
2. Have you previously experienced 1(a) at work and if so, what did you like about it? *
3. How do you decide that you have done a good job? *
4. Why did you choose you current job/last job or career? *
5. If applicable, what is the relationship between your last 2 jobs?
6. Tell me about a situation at work that gave you trouble, explain how you dealt with it and if any, what was the lesson learned? *
7. How do you think you can be more successful at work? *
8. How can your colleagues be more successful at work? *
9. How do you decide if someone is good at what they do? *
10. How often do you need to see/hear or do it with them to decide if they are good at their job? *