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Do you want to …

  • Stand out above other applicants?
  • Make yourself more employable?
  • Discover the areas where you need personal development?


  • Discover how the knowledge of these assessments can enhance your career and relationships
  • Our Keesta team will include this information in your job application to demonstrate your potential to potential employers.
  • Use this knowledge of yourself to market your unique value add to a potential employer.
  • Companies will be more confident about hiring you because they will know your unique strengths and in which job/environment you will perform optimally.


1. Self-Portrait™ Power Traits

  • This powerful assessment tool that has been utilized internationally for over 25 years!
  • Self-Portrait™ power traits assessment allows you to learn about vital aspects of your personality that make you unique. The combination of these different dimensions contribute to who you are. You can use these inborn strengths, talents and skills to help you learn, identify a career or path of study, and get along better with the people around you.
  • Once-off Personal Investment of R495 for a life-long opportunity of personal growth and development.


2. Contribution Compass

  • This powerful assessment tool was created by the Sirdar Group and is used internationally to create top performing teams.
  • A profiling tool that enables you to understand both your area of maximum contribution to a team, company or organization and how you can leverage the most value for yourself and for your organization.
  • The Contribution Compass is a profiling methodology that characterises the four main types of natural energy into eight profiles or “zones of flow”:

    o Catalyst
    o Champion
    o Coach
    o Connector
    o Custodian
    o Cultivator
    o Conductor
    o Calibrator

  • Once-off Personal Investment of R995 for an understanding of your natural areas of excellence which indicates types of positions you should apply for.

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