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Life up to now certainly has provided me with a whole bunch of challenging events.  Unlike many others, it took more or less 45 years of my life (2011) to allow myself the “luxury” of having my own dream.  Then it took time to formulate the dream and in 2012 the brand “KEESTA” got on track, setting off a whole lot of amazing events.

In looking for “life’s answers”, I grabbed many opportunities to grow mentally and spiritually.  One of the earliest opportunities was to sign up for Life Coaching, not realizing how many tears I would have to shed in order to grow.

I don’t think my Life Coach, Willem Fourie, had any idea of the snowballing affect the following questionnaire had on my life from the moment I completed it with sincere honesty.  It is with the same honesty that I would like to share my answers to that questionnaire with you.

  • What do I want to achieve?

Enjoying life, financial security and sharing these with others

  • What is my biggest dream?

To have created a financial secure group of businesses that employ people who are like minded; I want to tap into their skills, abilities and dreams and share the wealth with them.

  • What is the world I want to create?

I want to surround myself with people who care about others.

  • Why do I do what I do?

I want to be proud of myself.

  • Where do I want to focus my attention?

Finding joy in what I do.

  • What is my destination, the end result in my mind?

When meeting my Saviour, I want to leave a legacy behind – one of love and caring.


When completing this questionnaire, I had absolutely no idea of the where, the when or the how… all I knew was that I finally had a dream of my own (the what).

My question to you is: “What is your dream?”

If you have not discovered yours yet, I want to encourage you to actively search for it – life has so much more purpose once you have found your dream.  Living your dream does not necessarily mean the way you make a living or being known for doing great things. Not all of us are destined to be leaders; without followers, there can be no leaders; but then again, if you have influence over one person, you are already a leader.

The dream that I am referring to is something you follow that brings enormous joy into your life and has eternal value.  Here’s how you can start:

  1. Take time from your busy schedule and book a date with a pen and notepad.
  2. Find a quiet place, ask God to open your heart to hear His voice and dig deep within yourself.  Use the questionnaire to find your own answers and focus on the “what” and not the “how”.
  3. Remember:  God created you with a specific purpose therefore your dream is already within you.  Use your dream to please God, not to impress people.

Contact me should you have any questions or to book a consultation.