Bookkeeping & Pastel Partner Training







  • The trainer is registered by Sage Pastel and their courses are registered by SAQA as follow:

Unit standards: 12991, 117736, 243944

Seta: FASSET – Financial and Accounting Services Seta

  • On receipt of payment, the trainer sends you all the self-study material and in the case of the Pastel course, you receive a disc with demo Pastel on which to practise.
  • Full support available via telephone, whatsapp, e-mail and skype.
  • Only once you are ready, you go online to do examination. Pass rate is 75% and should you fail, there will be another exam fee of R590. However, our trainer is committed to assisting you to be prepared to pass the first exam.

Bookkeeping Fundamentals

[Course Outline]

Bookkeeping Introduction

The different types of companies in South Africa
What is accounting/bookkeeping?
The bookkeeping and accounting cycle
The accounting equation
Transactions and accounts

Value Added Tax (VAT)

What is VAT?
The different VAT categories
VAT processing
Calculating VAT
The markup, gross margin and VAT
Completing the VAT 201 report

Source Documents

Source documents
Deposit books/slips
Cheque counterfoils
Petty cash vouchers
Tax invoices
Credit notes / returns


Inventory systems
Costing methods

Subsidiary Journals

Cashbook journals
The cashbook receipts journal
The cashbook payments journal
Petty cash journals
Creditors and creditors allowances journals
Debtors and debtors allowances journals
The general journal
Reconciling your journals

The General Ledger

Different sections of a general ledger
Posting to the general ledger
Closing off ledger accounts

The Trial Balance

Integrated inventory
Post from your general ledger to your trial balance

The Statement of Income

Posting to your statement of income

The Statement of Financial Position

Posting to your statement of financial position

Bank Reconciliation

The bank reconciliation process


Self-study R1900

Includes material, mailing cost, one examination fee - extra charges for repeating examination


Pastel Partner

[Course Outline]


  • Preparing to install
  • Installing and registering Sage Pastel Partner

Working in the Demo Company 

  • Open a company in Sage Pastel Partner
  • Navigate in Sage Pastel Partner using the four navigation methods

Creating a New Company 

  • Setting up a company

Setting up your Company

  • Setting up a Company
  • Backups and Restores

Edit Menu - Customers 

  • Customer Categories
  • Customer Accounts
  • Printing Customer Masterfile listings

Edit Menu - Suppliers 

  • Supplier Categories
  • Supplier Accounts
  • Printing Supplier Masterfile listings


Edit Menu – Inventory and General Ledger 

  • Creating Inventory Items

Creating and editing General Ledger accounts 

  • Creating and editing general ledger accounts


  • Customer processing
  • Supplier processing
  • Cash Book processing
  • Journal processing

The View Menu 

  • General Ledger reports
  • Customer reports
  • Supplier reports
  • Inventory reports

Sundry Processing

  • Correction of Errors
  • Processing an R/D Cheque
  • Converting / Opening a company
  • Take on Balances

Self-study R2900

Includes material, mailing cost, one examination fee - extra charges for repeating examination

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